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9th June 2012


Ramsgate RNLI receive a cheque from the Mayor of Ramsgate


Ramsgate RNLI cox'n, Ian Cannon, was recently invited to attend the Mayor of Ramsgate's "Charity Cheque Presentation Evening" where he was presented with a cheque for £750 by town mayor Cllr. David Green.


In presenting the cheque Cllr. Green thanked Ian and his volunteer crew for all of their efforts and after thanking the Mayor for his support Ian gave a brief update of recent work and rescues carried out by Ramsgate RNLI and explained that the money would be used towards the cost of training several new crew members who would be attending courses at The Lifeboat College at the RNLI's Headquarters in Poole.

5th June 2012


Launch to swimmer


Both of Ramsgate RNLI’s lifeboats, the all weather Trent class “Esme Anderson” and the inshore Atlantic 75 “Bob Turnbull“, were called out at 11.40am on Bank Holiday Monday, 4th. June, following reports of a swimmer being swept along in strong currents and rough seas between Broadstairs and Ramsgate. An RAF Search and Rescue helicopter had also been requested to the area.


On a day of strong winds and rough, breaking seas it is understood that two swimmers had entered the sea from the lower promenade at Louisa Bay, Broadstairs despite being advised not to by locals because of the poor sea conditions. It appears that they quickly got into trouble and whilst one of the swimmers managed to get ashore with assistance the other was swept away towards Dumpton Gap and Ramsgate and the emergency services were alerted.


The RNLI lifeboats proceeded with a search along the coast with the inshore lifeboat operating closer to the shore when a person was spotted in the sea some 30m. offshore below Ramsgate’s King George VI Park by one of the RNLI lifeguards diverted from their patrol area on Ramsgate Main Sands. The inshore lifeboat crew quickly recovered the person but as the seas were so rough it was decided that the lifeboat would quickly enter the turning circle within the more sheltered waters of Ramsgate Harbour, the nearest calm area of sea, where the recovered person could be safely winched aboard the helicopter for urgent transfer to Margate Hospital.

28th May 2012


Weekend Ramsgate RNLI Launches


Having carried out the official opening of the new Tesco Express store at St. Lawrence, Ramsgate on Saturday, 26th. May and receiving a cheque for the RNLI for £500 from store manager Stuart Welsh, Ramsgate RNLI Lifeboat Cox’n Ian Cannon (pictured centre right) was immediately called to the RNLI boathouse when the launch of the lifeboat was requested at 10.37am.


Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat, the Atlantic 75 class “Bob Turnbull”, was launched following a report, from their friends, that two teenage girl swimmers, swimming off Ramsgate Sands near the harbour’s eastern arm in an area known for strong under-currents, had disappeared from sight. The volunteer lifeboat crew immediately sped to the area but being unable to see the swimmers instituted a controlled search. Soon after this, however, the RNLI lifeboat crew were advised by radio that the girls had safely returned to shore.


It transpired that in the low tide the girls had made it to the small beach that had developed at the back of the harbour arm, out of sight from the Sands, and had managed to wade back to safety against the harbour wall. Cox’n Ian Cannon said that both the swimmers and their friends should be praised, firstly, for reporting their concerns when the girls disappeared from sight and, secondly, for reporting the swimmers safe return enabling any search to be called off.


A second lifeboat call came at 4.46am on Sunday, 27th. May, with the Ramsgate RNLI’s volunteer crew members being welcomed to another hot, sunny day when their pagers went off. The all weather lifeboat, the Trent class “Esme Anderson”, was launched to assist a 13m. wooden ketch that had been damaged and was taking on water.


The ketch with 6 people on board had been travelling from Ipswich to Falmouth when it collided with a buoy causing damage to the bow stem and a resultant leak. The crew had reported their situation by mobile phone to Dover Coastguard and, although the water pump on board the ketch was holding the situation, it was thought prudent to have a lifeboat standing by in case of sudden deterioration. The RNLI lifeboat met the ketch near the northeast Goodwin Sands and escorted it safely into Ramsgate Harbour.

19th May 2012


Ramsgate Lifeboats rescue Belgian yacht and her 6 person crew


Both of Ramsgate RNLI’s lifeboats, the all weather Trent class “Esme Anderson” and the inshore Atlantic 75 class “Bob Turnbull” were launched at 6.09pm on Thursday, 17th. May to assist a yacht that had run aground on the Goodwin Sands at the North Sands Head.


When the RNLI lifeboat crews reached the scene they found the 30ft. Belgian yacht with 6 people on board aground on the Sands with the windfarm support vessel “Guardian” standing by. In the shallow water the volunteer crew on the inshore lifeboat managed to get in close enough to the yacht to pass a towline and when attached managed to tow the yacht free of the Sands.


After passing the tow to the all weather lifeboat and carrying out a visual check for damage to the yacht’s hull the inshore lifeboat was released to return to Ramsgate RNLI lifeboat station. The all weather lifeboat then towed the yacht into into deeper water and when all was found to be in good order released the tow and returned to Ramsgate. The yacht and her crew safely made its own way into Ramsgate Harbour.

19th May 2012


Launch of RNLI Lifeguard Service on Thanet Beaches


Members of the Ramsgate RNLI lifeboat crew and the stations Atlantic 75 inshore lifeboat "Bob Turnbull" took part in a simulated rescue off Ramsgate Sands on Tuesday, 15th. May to assist in publicity for the official launch of the RNLI Lifeguard service locally.


 The RNLI Lifeguards have signed a five year contract with Thanet District Council to provide lifeguard cover on all of Thanet's main swimming beaches throughout the summer season. The RNLI Lifeguards are supervised and organised separately to the RNLI Lifeboats but, as situations arise, all will work closely together to carry out joint rescues with regular and ongoing liaison being maintained.


The official launch was attended by the Chairman of Thanet Distict Council, Cllr. Doug Clark and a number of local councillors as well as representatives of Margate RNLI lifeboats and representatives of the local press, radio and television.

24th April 2012


Ramsgate fishing boat struck by lightning.


Both of Ramsgate RNLI’s lifeboats were launched to two separate incidents during the early afternoon of Friday, 20th. April. The first launch, at 12.44pm, was of the Trent class all weather lifeboat “Esme Anderson”, which was still at sea dealing with the incident involving a local fishing vessel when the call went out for the launch of the inshore lifeboat, the Atlantic 75 class “Bob Turnbull”, at 1.34pm to assist a yacht aground.


The RNLI all weather lifeboat was launched to assist a locally based fishing boat which had been struck by lightning in a brief, intense, thunder storm whilst fishing off North Foreland, Broadstairs. The lightning strike had damaged most of the electrical equipment on board the fishing vessel and had also damaged the seacock causing a lack of coolant to the gearbox which necessitated an engine shutdown and caused water ingress.


On arrival at the scene two of the RNLI volunteer crew members transferred to the fishing vessel to check out the 2 man crew who, luckily, had been on deck at the time of the lightning strike and, although understandably shaken, avoided injury, which would likely have been serious had they been in the wheelhouse at the time. A temporary repair was carried out to stem the leak and as the fishing boat’s bilge pump was found to still be working it was used to pump out the water taken aboard whilst the lifeboat safely towed the casualty back to Ramsgate Harbour where the harbour’s boat hoist, which had been alerted, was waiting to lift it out of the water.


The RNLI’s inshore lifeboat was launched to assist a 27ft. yacht with one man on board which had run aground on a sandbank in the entrance to the River Stour in Pegwell Bay, Ramsgate. The yacht, which was leaning at an angle when the lifeboat arrived, was safely towed off the sandbank and then into Ramsgate Harbour.

12th March 2012


Shield Presentation to Ramsgate Harbourmaster.


Ramsgate RNLI’s Management Committee invited Ramsgate Harbourmaster Rob Brown to attend their meeting on Monday, 5th. March to receive a RNLI shield in recognition of the long time and ongoing support of the lifeboat station given by him and all of his team.


At a previous meeting the Management Committee had discussed the continuing excellent relationship and ongoing cooperation that existed between the RNLI station and all of the Harbour staff and felt that a shield, as a token of our appreciation, should be presented. Rob Brown (left) is pictured receiving the shield from RNLI Management Committee Chairman Dr. William Crawford.


The first lifeboat at Ramsgate was purchased and managed by the Harbour Trustees in 1802 and the RNLI didn’t have any involvement until 1865 when they jointly managed the lifeboat station with the Board of Trade. The RNLI finally assumed full responsibility for the lifeboat station in 1922 when the first motor lifeboat arrived in Ramsgate

11th January 2012


Long time Ramsgate RNLI supporter and fund raiser dies.


Sadly we have to report the death of Lily Burgess who has been an active member of the Ramsgate Ladies Lifeboat Guild/ Ramsgate RNLI Fund Raising Branch for 34 years, 11 of which she served as chairperson. Lily died in Margate Hospital at the turn of the year after suffering several months of deteriorating health. She will always be remembered for the enthusiasm and drive she brought to the committee.


11th January 2012


Cheque for £200 received from KMFM Radio


Ramsgate RNLI were pleased to welcome local KMFM Radio breakfast show presenter, Johnny Lewis, to their boathouse on Tuesday (10th. January) and to receive a cheque from the radio station for £200.


Johnny, a long-time and active supporter of both the Isle of Thanet’s RNLI Lifeboat Stations, had recommended Ramsgate’s volunteer local press officer, John Ray, to presenter colleague Webbo for inclusion in his Sunday morning “Treasure Hunt” show. The programme generated money for a chosen charity by finding locations and items in the Kent area and, on this occasion Ramsgate RNLI were the lucky recipients.


Pictured (left to right) are Cox’n Ian Cannon, LPO John Ray, presenter Johnny Lewis and Mechanic Phil Mace.

13th November 2011


Thanet Lifeguard Club present cheque to Ramsgate RNLI


Members of Thanet Lifeguard Club visited Ramsgate Lifeboat Station on Sunday, 13th. November to hand over a cheque for £135.00 raised by sponsorship of members taking part in the Club’s annual Ramsgate to Broadstairs swim.


The swim took place on 17th. August and entrants ranged in age from 7 to 64. All entrants completed the swim which was carefully organised to ensure their full support in, what turned out to be, difficult sea conditions.


Pictured on the stern of Ramsgate RNLI’s Trent class lifeboat Esme Anderson are the Lifeguard Club’s President Vicki Wilkinson presenting Ramsgate RNLI Cox’n Ian Cannon with the cheque accompanied by Club members and their Training Officer (and Ramsgate RNLI volunteer crewman) Neil Morgan.

Ramsgate Lifeboat

 In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

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