Photo Ramsgate Lifeboat Station

Our inshore lifeboat is an Atlantic 75 class lifeboat. She was provided by Mrs. Jane Turnbull of Surrey in memory of her husband, Bob. Both Mr. and Mrs. Turnbull have been enthusiastic supporters of the RNLI and have given generously in the past. Part of the cost of the Lifeboat has been met by a legacy from Bob Turnbulls Will and she was named Bob Turnbull on the 9th September 2000.

She is davit launched and is housed in the boathouse which is in the outer harbour.

Atlantic or B class lifeboats are rigid inflatables which can operate in both daylight and darkness. She features a GPR hull with inflatable sponsons, and a rollbar assembly above the engines on the stern. In the event of a capsize, a gas bottle can be activated by the crew to inflate the righting bag, which will right the lifeboat in seconds. The engines are inversion-proofed and can restart after a capsize.

The Atlantic 75 was based on the Atlantic 21, which takes its name from the Atlantic Collage in Wales where it was first developed. The 75 was developed at the RNLI's Inshore Lifeboat Centre at Cowes in 1992. She is at present the fastest lifeboat in the fleet, with a top speed of 32 knots.


Photos Ramsgate Lifeboat Station

The Atlantic 75 Class Lifeboat

7.3m (24ft)
2.64m (8ft 8in)
Approx. 3,200lb
32 knots
3 hours at max. speed
First Built
Last Built
Current Building Program
GRP hull with hypalon-coated nylon tube